How To: Pardot: Use Salesforce Engage Accelerator Webinar

|| Recording Date: May. 20, 2020 || Length: 46 min || Hosts: Brittany and Mariama ||

This webinar is an introduction to Salesforce Engage, an add-on to Pardot that helps Sales reps act on insights gained from Pardot.

In this Accelerator Webinar, we’ll review steps that Pardot and Salesforce admins must take to get their teams up and running with new Salesforce Engage licenses. We’ll cover:

- Capabilities of Salesforce Engage
- Strategies for a successful roll-out
- Salesforce Engage setup
- Demo: Launching your first Engage campaign
- Recommended next steps and resources

Pardot Premier customers have access to a 1-to-1 follow-up call after the webinar to discuss any outstanding questions.

For an introduction to Pardot, see Pardot's New Admin Onboarding Accelerator Webinar or Prepare for Implementation Accelerator Webinar.

Prior to June 2020, this webinar was titled "Getting Started: Pardot: Salesforce Engage Fast Start Accelerator Webinar"